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Thread: Photo Radar Buster PRB
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David VanHorn wrote:
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> At 06:07 PM 3/31/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >I think road music is off topic. -- Dan
> >
> >David VanHorn wrote:
> >
> >> (FWIW: I think you can also play music by grooving the road
> appropriately) :)
> Can you be busted for being off-topic in an off-topic thread?
> (If a thread falls in the forest, does the bear become a catholic?)

Just WHERE, exactly, did we Admins EVER promise to be reasonable,
helpful, or appropriate in any way whatsoever, folks?  <VBEG>

I want to buy stock in paving companies and pavement saw manufacturing
companies if we're going to use road grooving for music.  I can see it
now, the Golden Oldies lane, the C&W lane, and the shoulder is the 1812
Overture lane...  <EG>


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