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Thread: Photo Radar Buster PRB
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Problem, Alan;  That's really NOT much of a threat when I'm driving my
Rabbit and the guy tailgating me is driving a huge 4x4 1-ton pickup!
I'd scratch his undercarriage as he went over me, and I really would NOT
enjoy the experience much...  (I live out in the "sticks" here, 2-lane
country road for ~20 miles to here - THE answer is probably to buy a
Tank Ammo Carrier, then display that same message, that'd be a "credible
threat", as those're built pretty solid - my fuel economy would be bad
though <G>

I've seriously thought of getting a large bottle of Halon 1211 and a
manifold in the rear of my car for tailgaters;  They tailgate, I
extinguish their engine...  It's a thought <G>


Alan B Pearce wrote:
> For those who have people following too close, why not have a PIC scroll a
> message across your rear window "PANIC STOP TEST IN 10 SECONDS" and then start
> counting down the seconds.

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