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Thread: Photo Radar Buster PRB
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It's not just a choosing not to speed problem, though - sometimes
speeing up is the BEST thing you can do, to get away from a nutcase,
when they won't quit tailgating you...  There, the real problem's that
tailgater, not your absolute speed - and I'd bet the photo LIDAR units
don't cite the second car...

I notice the "authorities", here in the US at least (who we, as US
citizens, control, supposedly!) seem insatiable in their appetite for
more money, (to give themselves raises etc.?) - and seem hell-bent on
using any, and I mean ANY, "cost-effective" means to gather money (i.e.
if it's technologically feasable, they'll try it.)  "ROI" (Return on
Investment) should not be a top consideration for "managing" the
citizens' behavior, in any country, IMO...  I don't much like the
auto-resetting parking meters either, if a commercial entity tried that
one it'd be called fraud IMO...

I do support radar that just tells you your speed with a billboard, to
remind people to slow down where there is danger to pedestrians - THAT,
is good, IMO.  I've been passed too many times on the freeway by some
bozo tailgating me and trying to push me to doing about 85+ MPH, though,
to believe that photo radar or photo lidar, or even a direct police
presence will do the job of really protecting people (And called in a
fair number of DUI's, myself, to save lives);  A human law enforcement
officer has judgement and can tell when to nail the tailgating car, or
when their equipment is malfunctioning (which as we all know does
happen), as well as let you off with a warning when the entire reason
you were speeding is that idiot who's tailgating you 12" from your rear
bumper, and slowing down didn't work to get rid of 'em...

Strategically, perhaps the best answer is a paintball gun;  Non-lethal
to passers by, quite effective in covering the lens (temporarily at
least, if it's raining), and a fun thought, though probably illegal as
anything else we've discussed here <G>  Putting a rock through the lens
with a "Slur Bow", would also work - but is lots more dangerous to other
people, and more illegal probably.  Another answer would be a big blob
of contact cement <EG>  Best is to get those curst things outlawed and
get them to spend that same amount on additional officers on the street,
if there's really a speeding problem and this isn't just a
money-gathering exercise...

(I keep expecting someone to drive up and tow those trailers off,
they're starting to install the billboard ones around here...  And I
wonder when someone will start noticing that car-to-car or truck-to-car
distance is probably a LOT more appropriate thing to monitor, instead of
absolute car speed measurements.  Having a Semi rig parked on my rear
bumper at 55 MPH, tends to make me nervous for some reason...)


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