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Thread: Software reset?!
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Johnny Lindholm wrote:
> Hi all!
> Is there a way to implement a "soft reset"? Like a jump to the
> startadress but something that clears the stack as well, is this
> possible?
> Or perhaps it's unnecessary? If the stack is FIFO type it might not be a
> problem? Are there any other things (registers)  to consider?
> Regards,
> Johnny Lindholm
> [Note: In Sweden it's perfectly okay to be given the name of "Johnny" so
> that is my real name, not a nick for "John"...  ;o)  ]

You can pull ~MClr to Ground - perhaps with a (diode, logic, RC low-pass
filter) 'gate' in front to force you to do something unusual to pull
~MClr low.  (unusual combination of pin states, or a normal state but
for a way long duty cycle.)  Or connect a PIC's pin directly, if you
have a spare PIC Pin (Ha!  That'll be the day! <G>)

I'm not current on stack clearing - Vaguely remember "you cannot get
there from here", but am not SURE of it - Do know a little hardware will
get you there by forcing ~MClr low, definitely.


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