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Thread: Blocked email
face BY : Mark Willis email (remove spam text)

SpamCop has tended in the past to report false positives, from what I
read on NANAE (news.admin.net-abuse.email), a newsgroup dedicated to
tracking SPAMmers etc.  I use the tools at http://samspade.org/, those
work rather well.  You do have to learn how to read headers somewhat -
if you can read PIC assembler or C, you can do that <G>  10 hours will
do ya.

I tend to comment on SPAM to the spammers' ISP, the admins of any relay
abused to spew their tripe, the web site provider, the Spam Recycling
center <spamspamrecyclespamspamspamChooseYourMail.com>, the upstreams of their ISP's
(and in some cases where I keep seeing SPAM from some joker, their
upstreams' upstream, as Spammers have been known to do "Shell" ISP's
within ISP's so you're complaining to that SPAMmer...)

Also, I use the Abuse Forwarding service from abuse.net, really handy,
and report these to my ISP so they can filter 'em out.

I post to the WA ATG office as well, on those which break WA State law.

(Some idjit judge decided recently that the WA state law is
unconstitutional - that being honest on your headers, is too hard of a
restriction on interstate commerce - I expect THAT to be appealed and
the joker who got that judge fooled, to lose.  How hard of a burden is
it to be honest?  YEESH!  Insanity.)


James Newton wrote:
> Ah damn! its
> http://www.spamcop.net
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