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Thread: Blocked email
face BY : Mark Willis email (remove spam text)

That definitely can not have been any fun...

The way the MAPS RBL works, (see http://www.mailabuse.org/rbl/ for
details) is that when someone SPAMs, and a user complains about their
sending SPAM to that ISP's admins, then they SPAM some more, and are
complained to the ISP's admins again, repeat until disgusted, THEN the
end user will nominate that ISP to the MAPS RBL.

>From http://www.mailabuse.org/rbl/reporting.html:
"If you can't get anybody's attention, or if they show a pattern of
shining you on, or if they won't stop their users or downstreams from
spamming, then and only then should you send us some mail about it."

Talk to the folks at MAPS - I'd bet that someone has been getting SPAM
regularly from prowebsite for some time, and nominated them for this
"honor".  Had it happen to this ISP once, they shut down the SPAMmer
quickly after that, if they hadn't already done so...

Definitely agree that it's a problem when it happens;  As the MAPS
people can take your ISP off the RBL in minutes if the problem's solved,
it should not have taken 12 hours!?  Took under an hour IIRC, when
foxinternet.net fell onto the RBL.

Member ISP's choose to fetch and implement blocking based on their list
- it's a "Bazaar" approach to SPAM, it may not be perfect, it does work
somewhat, or member ISP's wouldn't join it.  (I'd bet it stops 30-40% of
the SPAM streaming in to each member ISP, frankly.  It blocks the worst
of the offenders, sort of like jailing repeat offenders for life, not
perfect but beats having them live on your block...)

Here in the USA, SPAM is a real problem;  I've received as many as 40+
SPAM a day (at the time, I was not on the PICList and was only getting
about 4 "real" messages daily.)  The usual SPAM is far longer than the
usual "real" e-mail, and then the ISP's have to deal with reading all
the complaint letters, tracing the culprit, etc. etc. - The MAPS RBL
exists because it puts pressure on those who abuse the Internet, and
those who are "clueless" about the problems SPAM causes.  I know, the
cure still seems as bad as the disease, probably, from where you're
standing;  I get about 2-3 SPAM a day nowadays, on this account, expect
the count to decrease as I change ISP's again soon.

Interestingly, I rarely get responses from my SPAM "LARTs" any more - I
get the idea that, with more people on the Internet, ISP Admins are
pretty busy and overworked - I think they use the RBL to prevent going
stark raving mad, really, by reducing their workload.


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