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I have a Cyrix MII-300 (2.9V core voltage, 75MHz 3x or 66MHz 3.5x) CPU
with heatsink/fan that came with a newer momboard I got - I need either
to sell it off, or find a new momboard to fit it, if this'll help anyone
make me an offer, I guess (probably we should take this off list from
here.)  I set Reply-To, anyways.  I'll throw an older processor into the
momboard and make use of it <G>

If you still need one I probably can find one for you, Seattle is a GOOD
place to find computer stuff (Worst case maybe this MII-300 will fit my
"WarPlay" machine, and you can have it's Cyrix P200+ MMX processor, but
I'm not sure that's available - Looking for the manual yet!), if you
find one on eBay and need it shipped overseas, I'll help - Probably $4
for shipping "Global Priority Mail" for CPU/Fan, put wood blocks in
there to protect it all, worst case $9 for the large envelope.
(Guessing that you're in central US, though, Mario <G>)

Current e-mail machine has problems (software && hardware) - need to
move to another box & to the new ISP, and my attempt to make it a faster
machine didn't go as expected, flustrating.


Mario I. Arguello wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if any of you out there know of a source where I can buy a
> replacement CYRIX P200+  (Socket 7) processor with heat sink and fan.  Mine
> suffered a heat stroke and need to replace it.
> Thanks.
> Mario

I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

<38D74020.4955DA83@foxinternet.net> 7bit

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