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Thread: Repeated Messages
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As of about 3PM Monday I did something which will either fix this, or
not;  if it doesn't fix it, I'll try further action, something's
seriously wrong at one account at one ISP, e-mail to the person who's
subscribed there hasn't resulted in a reply.

Tomorrow (well, OK, later today) should be fixed.  One way or another,
by some kind of lever and fulcrum or another <G>


> Michael Rigby-Jones wrote:
> Do you ever get that strange feeling of deja vu?
> After the rash of bounced mails with warnings about duplicate posts,
> I've just had a bunch of old posts land in my inbox.  I vaguely
> remember this happening before and Mark sorted it.  Can't remember
> what the cause was though.
> Mike
>      {Original Message removed}
<38D73DC1.3E8474A4@foxinternet.net> 7bit

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