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Thread: OT Stop Dogs Barking
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Anything that will *distract* a dog is quite effective in training them
to stop barking;  in the dog training classes I've taken, they used
smoke detectors, an empty 2 Liter pop bottle (hit your thigh with it -
makes a loud, distracting noise aka "Hand Thunder"), any noisemaker.

When you detect a bark, make a noise that distracts the dog, immediately
after they bark - you really don't need it to be painful, just
distracting enough that the dog's motivation to bark is removed, as
they'll get distracted reliably when they bark.  (It feels good for a
dog to bark, same as it feels good for a child to yell loudly.  Less fun
for the child if you squirt them in the face with a squirt gun each time
etc. <G>)

Something just a little jarring will remove the fun of barking, you
probably could do it with a ultrasonic whistle if you sat up for a
couple nights and were ready to blow the whistle each time the dog
barked.  Consistency (distracting them every time, very quickly) is
good.  Or electric noisemaker & sit up with a finger on the button <G>

Perhaps a better solution:  Talk to the owners and if that doesn't work,
escalate to the local police - usually there is a law against disturbing
the peace;  the owners may be pretty interested in getting their
"problem dog" to not keep THEM awake all night <G>  They could solve it
perhaps easier than you could, in part due to 1/r^2 <G>


Grant Forest wrote:
> Goodday,
> Anyone have a sonic circuit that can be used to stop a dog barking.
> Have searched the net and still looking.
> Tks
> Grant Forest
> (always awake as the nextdoors dog is always barking)

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