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On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 10:02:38PM +1100, Paul B. Webster VK2BZC wrote:
> James Newton wrote:
> > In fact, he has already succeeded (with some help from the list server
> > god) where Mark and I failed by figuring out how to update the message
> > the new members receive when subscribing to the list.
>   Does this skill extend to updating the message received when a message
> is posted more than once to the list, so as to remove the present
> gobbledegook and state simply that the message has been received twice,
> due to some error, possibly due to an echo, but *UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES*
> to even *consider* posting it again?

I'm working on it.  But so far it seems that particular setting is
a) Hardcoded into the server (which I doubt) or
b) Done at the site level, which we don't have access to

So far I have yet to discover where settings for that item are, or
even what the *name* of the setting is.  This is the first I've delved
into the site documentation, so I'm still feeling my way through those.

And I must say that I agree on the default messages - they aren't
exactly the clearest are they? ::grin:: But then they are written so as
to be quite generic.

I'll keep digging - hopefully I'll uncover the solution to this one
before too long.
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