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BTY, did we forget to mention that the PICList has another new admin? Mike
Werner has kindly agreed to devote his "other spare time" after classes to
the list and apply his strange and wonderful talent for reading and
understanding convoluted documentation to the list server manuals.

In fact, he has already succeeded (with some help from the list server god)
where Mark and I failed by figuring out how to update the message the new
members receive when subscribing to the list.

The piclist.com home page in text format (which is also the monthly FAQ
admin post) is now automatically emailed to every person who joins the list.
Hopefully, this will do a better job than the (very dry) default message
that was being sent of telling people how to "unsubscribble" and be polite
on the list.

Thanks Mike.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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