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Thread: need free large e-mail box
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One local ISP, at http://www.tx3.com/, has email-only accounts (you have
to have your own Web access) - $5 a month, $13 per quarter, $24 for 6
months, no fee to start up.  I haven't tried that, and there are
definitely other ISP's out there who do the same.  (TX3.Com's based here
in Enumclaw, WA, aka "EnumScratch".)  I think it's a pop3, you can ask

Personally, I'm just moving to TX3.Com from foxinternet - If I need more
HDD space, TX3.Com can and will just sell it to me for $0.50/Meg/Month.
And they'll let me use my HDD space pool (10 Mb) for e-mail, web files,
whatever.  Foxinternet doesn't DO flexible at all, which isn't good IMO.

Another good local ISP is eskimo.com, I'd bet if you look locally you
can find one that'll give you 5Mb+ of pop3 mailbox.

A flexible ISP easily wins over an ISP that cannot spell "Flexible"...


Duilio Foschi wrote:
> I need to find a new free e-mail box to receive PICLIST and other stuff.
> A space of 5MB would be ideal.
> Any hint ?
> Thank you
> Duilio Foschi

I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

<38D14D80.E7AD36AD@foxinternet.net> 7bit

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