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Thread: mining piclist.com [SPAM] [OT][ADMIN]
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In a message dated 2/24/00 9:32:59 AM Pacific Standard Time,
KILLspameplus1spam.....SAN.RR.COM writes:

> I'm removing email addresses from piclist.com as I find them but I got
>  indexed again yesterday by a non-search engine. After the
>  http://www.magelan.ru/ people did this and starting sending me and others
>  SPAM, I had implemented an "indexer detector" that produced the following
>  reports for example (and others)


I don't think is him, I think it's his ISP. Port 80 is open on
this IP which suggests it's not a normal user. Whoever it is, they're most
likely running Linux. Another thing, maybe he tried to connected directly
then tried via a Proxy (

Just a thought,

Tim Hamel

<d3.1e6d7c9.25e6ce3d@aol.com> 7bit

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Subject (change) mining piclist.com [SPAM] [OT][ADMIN]

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