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Thread: i2c help please
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please help!
I have a small problem with i2c bus,I am using 12c508 pin 7 for data and pin
3 for clock (internal clock,masterclear off )
the i2c device is  standard  < startbit/address/data/stopbit >

The code will work fine if  I have my scope lead connected to data line(pin
4) ,I think this is adding capacitance to this line
so i removed the scope lead and fitted 33pf capacitor between the data pin
and ground, this also worked fine
But if I remove the cap the pic 12c508 wont talk to the i2c device ..
I have also moved the data and clock to other pins on pic but have the same
I also tried to slow down the rate the pic sends data to i2c device still no
The code I am using, is one I have used many times to talk to other i2c
but on this device I am having no joy.
the device has pull up10k resistors on data and clock lines
Can anyone help??

any help will be greatly appreciated
many thanks

seeking: microchip devices pic
<003f01bf5c64$83df55c0$865dfea9@caron> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/i2cs.htm?key=i2c
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