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Thread: Panelizing a board
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Thanks for all your guys help.  Letting the board house do it is probably

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Date: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 8:52 AM
Subject: Re: +AFs-OT+AF0- Panelizing a board

+AD4-I'm sure that the PCB house that we often use (QuickCircuits) sorts out all
+AD4-the pannelising out for you.  Maybe your place will to?
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+AD4APg- Subject:      +AFs-OT+AF0- Panelizing a board
+AD4APg- I've been a recent convert to Eagle PCB CAD, and even paid them  +ACQ-50 for
+AD4APg- registered  copy.
+AD4APg- +ADw-rant mode +AD0- ON+AD4-  I do pay my shareware bills,
+AD4APg- and I wish Jory would excommunicate all these guys offering CRACKED
+AD4APg- software
+AD4APg- on the PIClist+ACE- I hope that these crackers actually write some REAL
+AD4APg- software
+AD4APg- someday, and then get it ripped off, and then go broke making no money
+AD4APg- after
+AD4APg- being robbed.
+AD4APg- +ADw-rant mode +AD0- OFF+AD4-
+AD4APg- Here's my dillema.  I need to panelize a PCB - it's a 2+ACI- X 2+ACI- board and I
+AD4APg- need 6 of them in a 4+ACI- x 6+ACI- layout.  No problem in my old CAD systrem
+AD4APg- (which
+AD4APg- other than having panelization was useless).  Eagle is a great software
+AD4APg- package, but it does not have a panelization option.
+AD4APg- How about just copying everything over and over?  No good - I didn't buy
+AD4APg- enough square inches of EAGLE (crippleware, you know) to do a very big
+AD4APg- board.  All my designs are really tiny+ACE-
+AD4APg- I found I could monkey-wrench a panelized version by making a gerber
+AD4APg- then making another with an offset, then another with another offset, and
+AD4APg- using a text editor and scrunching them all together, moving blocks of
+AD4APg- stuff
+AD4APg- around to fix the syntax of the file.  Tedious, time consuming, and
+AD4APg- educational.
+AD4APg- I tried this old DOS trick:  copy gerber1.gbr  +gerbeg-.gbr +gerbeg-.gbr
+AD4APg- final.gbr
+AD4APg- which appends all the files together.  My software can read it, but I
+AD4APg- don't
+AD4APg- really trust it very well.  Anybody know if this would really result in a
+AD4APg- valid Gerber file?
+AD4APg- Is there any Gerber file editor out there that can panelize a gerber file
+AD4APg- without so much pain?  Same issue with a drill file?  I don't have a way
+AD4APg- of
+AD4APg- reading back a drill file to know if it is corrupt or not.
+AD4APg- -- Lawrence Lile

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