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Thread: "unsubscribe" [ADMIN]
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Definitely can do that here;  Of course, the posters who don't trim the
repeated cascade of PICList FAQ references off the bottom of their
posts, would tend to get flamed eventually for not doing so;  Thinking
about it, though, there are frequent enough posts about how to unsub
here, and, we all joined the list with the quite explicit understanding
that we were to keep the "Welcome!" post we were sent when we joined,
that told us how to unsubscribe, as we might want to read it some day -
someone who WANTS to be personally responsible, can be and will be.
Those few who choose NOT to honor the (hard to enforce) agreement they
joined this list on, though, can distract the rest of us from being

(I am *not* including the "Help - my ISP changed names overnight, what
do I do!" problems, here - Those happen, and, if you didn't know in
advance to send the right command to the listserve, you're stuck with
having an admin. send a change command in for you.  It's the "Oh, I'm
still on the list, I'll send another Unsubscribble command, my 10th, why
doesn't the dang list Do What I Want?", non-manual reading folks that
flustrate me.)

Some people will use a ladder with the bottom set on an ice patch, then
sue the manufacturer for not having a sticker suggesting you not do
that, then go on to do the same thing again (ignoring that sticker) and
sue again - taking no personal responsibility, though.  Those, it's just
easier to either ignore, or to just delete, I'm not sure which is

I deleted Joe, so we can move on here.

I've seen posts asking to unsub on another list I'm on which has the
footer saying, "Want to subscribe/unsubscribe?  Jump to
http://blah.blah".  Simply Amazing, to me;  How can they figure out how
to open the 'Fridge to eat?  <G>  These people can read a PIC Datasheet
and make sense of it?  <G>

(Yeah, I'm grumpy, have an appointment I forgot in a couple hours, it's
damn inconvenient!  Arrgh.  ANYTHING but a dental appointment, today!
I'll be decked all day, drat.)


J Borgaard wrote:
> Many lists have found the easy way to solve this - add a one or two-line
> trailer to every post with FAQ/unsub/archive links/instructions. I haven't
> seen list software yet that can't be made to do this as it's very common and
> a useful tool for everyone.
> JB
> > {Original Message removed}
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