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Thread: Flat Panel Displays site; VGA LCD Interfacing?
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http://www.fpdonline.com/ has a bunch of info on Flat Panel Displays.
Some things I will dig into later, like a 15" low power reflective TFT
display (no backlight!), the site looks like a large industry info /
press release archive, the company hosting the site is a translation
company.  Japanese Patents in the area in there, as well.

I'm looking for a source of industry-wide datasheets for FPD's, want
some 12"-15" Mono VGA graphics LCD displays for an eventual PIC project,
it'd sure be nice if I can find a first few sample LCD displays for low
costs, anyone displayed to a VGA LCD here yet?  Should be fun <G>  It's
a commercial project, cannot talk too much about it (don't want some big
company to go do it on me <G>), I wish those ElectroPaper displays were
available as I could use those instead.  Don't need lots of graphics,
this is a book-like application, only more complex than that <G>


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