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Oh, I know we will never be rid of the RTFM impaired... Perfection is beyond
our reach but (I think) we can and should still try for it. There are
degrees of RTFM impairment. By not having a quick link to an FAQ site, we
fail to help the mildly impaired. Baby with bathwater etc...

I'm working on an autoresponder for that sort of thing. Not to actually
unsubscribe people based on PICList posts with "unsubscribble" in the body
but rather to send a FAQ item to them (not the list). Its a very tricky rule
to build. "only if 99% of the message is the request to unsubscribe" etc...
and not to the reply to address (the list) but rather to the senders
address. Outlook is not cooperating so I'm testing a small email server to
use in its place. We will see....

Advice appreciated.

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