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Thread: PLCC Prototyping
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I am looking at using a number of devices (CPLDs mainly) that are PLCC only
(at best). From searching the PICList archive I believe with a nice fine
soldering iron, flux and a bit of practice the PLCCs could be hand soldered
to a PCB. However, in prototyping I would far prefer to be able to
breadboard rather than having to make many prototype PCBs.

So, I would like devices that will allow me to breadboard with PLCCs of
44pins (minimum) hopefully all the way up to 84 pins. The best idea I can
think of is a small PCB with a PLCC socket in the middle (preferably ZIF but
due to cost maybe only LIF) and pin headers around the outside for
connecting to standard proto board. Now this shouldn't be too hard to
design, the problem is the construction of the PCB. I have little enough
experience doing non SMD scale PCBs so attempting a SMD scale PCB is not
neccesarily high on my list of priorities. Regardless any info on the
feasability of home producing SMD PCBs would be appreciated (i.e. how fine a
pitch can you manage?, what goes wrong with finewr pitch?, what equipment is
needed etc). But, for the moment I would prefer a premade PCB. Does anyone
know where such a PCB could be obtained and an approximate cost.

Oh yeah, and is it possible to do all this with a 100pin TQFP?

Thomas Brandon.

<021001bf42b7$0217b620$09255e81@psy.unsw.edu.au> 7bit

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