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I cannot imagine it being a problem.  No problem on the CD, it'd help
those needing help (We on the list are some of us "beyond help", of
course <G>)  "Don't sell the address to SPAMmers knowingly, please" <G>

(Saw the other, great!  I saw him today, will burn some EPRoms for him &
get all to him soon, his motherboards need newer firmware; where can I
find a 27C1000-15 or a 27C010A-15 tomorrow? <G>  His Pentium momboard
has the weirdest EPRom/EEProm/Flash ROM markings I've seen lately, HT
M12587 J9710, he tends to get *weird* hardware but this should also be a
27C010A-15 or the like?!  I'll get that to him.)


Tony Nixon wrote:
{Quote hidden}

I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

<384DEB0E.6DC348D3@foxinternet.net> 7bit

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