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Thread: notice - additional list owner and web page update
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You think Jory and Mark saw that big red "S" on my forehead? <GRIN> Feel
free to send any advice on sanity maintenance my way, and don't expect too
much... I don't intend to take more than occasional action beyond sending
friendly reminders to people to set plain text and MARK OT's with [OT]. BTW
my definition of OT is something that is not likely to be of interest to a
designer, hobbyist or engineer who commonly uses PICs. So don't feel you
have to mention a PIC in the post. Just don't make jokes, topical
conversation, physics discussions etc... without an [OT] and please... don't
make political or religious comments at all except in a signature line.

I'm happy that http://www.piclist.com has a home (and I hope to make it a better
home with your help). I'd like to suggest that regular posters add the URL
to their signature lines so that newbies will have some idea where to go for
sub/unsub instructions, FAQ's and guidelines. Note that the PICList FAQ is
editable by you! Just fill out the form at the techref homepage and add your
comments etc... as you feel necessary.

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Subject (change) notice - additional list owner and web page update

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