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Thread: Thought on header revision and format
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  Mark, I like the idea. I use Eudora and it's normally `trivial' to
sort and filter messages but the current scheme scatters the same
subject all over the place when I sort by subject. Another problem is
folks that decide to do a "<subject> was <subject>"... On occasion,
I've been tempted to post my list of `gripes' but so far I've held
back. I assume anything with "[ADMIN]" is reserved for Jory, you, and
now, James.

  And a note to James: Congrats, James. It takes a brave man to
sacrifice family, sleep, and sanity ;-)

  - Tom

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Tom Handley
New Age Communications
Since '75 before "New Age" and no one around here is waiting for UFOs ;-)


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Subject (change) Thought on header revision and format

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