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Thread: Thought on header revision and format
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One thing I've been thinking about on headers is to suggest we try to
put [OT] at the END of subject lines, when people add it to a subject
line of a post they think's OT for the list;

The reason I suggest this is that my browser sorts subjects
alphabetically, not by intent of the sender <G>;  Say we have 3 posts,
Subject:  ABC
Subject:  Re: ABC [OT]
Subject:  Re: ABC [OT] [way, way OT]
Subject:  Re: [OT] ABC

{The 3rd post is how I'd let filterers filter, and acknowledge that
something is way OT for us humans, BTW.}  The last post alpha sorts WAY
far away above the other 3 posts, separating it and making the
conversation diverge worse than it already will, this being the PICList

Something to consider for the FAQs; this might make tracking the
subjects easier for most people, and filtering should still work well
enough.  (Set your filter to "Contains" instead of "Begins with" <G>)
It's a convenience for others, they can figure out what posts are about
what subject{s} <G>

Also, for the same "convenience of others" reasons, PLEASE, let's not
see any header lines like these:
Subject:  SV: ABC [OT]  {Default list language is English, folks <G>}
Subject:  FWD: Re: ABC [OT]
Subject:  Re: [OT] Re: ABC
Subject:  Re: Re: Re: SV: ABC [OT]  {ONE 'Re:' suffices!}
Subject:  Re: ABC [OT}  {Ack!}
Subject:  Re: [OT, Way OT] ABC

Also, James Newton now joins us as an Admin, we'll split duties up &
make things work <G>


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