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Thread: Weird problems subscribing, please help
face BY : Sten Dahlgren email (remove spam text)

Hello !

I'm about to switch my subscribtion over to my home computer/ISP
but has some serious problems.
When i try to subscribe from my home ISP i don't get any replys
no nothing, i have tried to send info and help requests to but
no response at all. From work i tried the change command to move
it over and then i get a mail sent to home that i should reply
with an "ok #######" message and then i get a response to home with
a new request to send an ok but with another number. At the same time
i get a reply to work with a comment like this.

Your  request cannot  be processed  because the  confirmation came
stdaspamspamD1O41.TELIA.COM rather  than RemoveMEsten.dahlgrenTakeThisOuTspamEraseMETELIA.COM.  For
reasons, the confirmation for a change of address must come from the
address. A new confirmation request is being sent.

At home i'm logged in as stda. The machine name D1041 is something my
ISP has invented. Probably DHCP thing.

Any help needed.


<382A9524.FCC2B735@enea.se> 7bit

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