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Interesting point is that Netscape defaults to send in HTML format... as
if everyone would choose to use that way.

On Netscape:
To change it, on the main MAIL screen, go to EDIT menu, Preferences,
Mail & Newsgroup, Formating, and at MESSAGE FORMATING, select the "Use
Plain Text Editor to Compose Messages".  Then at the block below, click
"Ask me what to do if the message is in HTML format, otherwise send
plain text".  Note that these changes would only being in effect at the
*next* email you send.

Or, if you want to leave it in HTML settings (only you would know the
reason, because I don't), you can temporarily set NO HTML (plain text)
for that particular message: While composing messages, you can click
OPTIONS menu and select "Plain Text Only".

Now no more excuses why still sending in HTML under Netscape... :)

Wagner Lipnharski
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Mark Willis wrote:
> Folks, please refrain from HTML posts on the PICList;  Many people on
> the list cannot read your posts (their browser won't READ HTML!), and
> others such as myself end up squinting to try to read 2-point micro
> fonts that are essentially unreadable.  Most browsers that CAN send
> HTML, can be configured to send text-only messages in your address
> etc., HTML's for web pages, not really for text e-mail, I've always
> thought <G>
>   Mark

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