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Thread: power supply
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If the figure of 200mA is on the label then that will be the current
at the labelled voltage. In all probability the unloaded voltage will
be higher, perhaps 15VAC. I would think it unlikely you would
get 1.0A out of this supply no matter how low you are prepared
to let the voltage drop to under this load. I'd say a 500mA supply
would be getting closer. Only a rated 1.0A 12VAC would really
deliver the goods. Much of this really depends on whether the
motor can work at lower voltages and if the reduced torque it
can develop is acceptable. Is it possible to use this motor on
DC ? Some bridge configurations will give you more usable
current but at reduced voltage and vice versa.


> My last question is that if the motor requires 1.0A and the wall
> transformer supplies 200mA, will it turn on the motor?

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