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Thread: Division and Multiply of Binary #'s
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>     How do you Divide two binary numbers
> "long division"
> Say you have   1234 / 6.  Long division says:
>            _______
>         6 / 1234      2
>             12
>              03       0
>              00
>               34      5
>               30
>                4

Yes, this works.  But how about for negative numbers?

There's a slow algorithm in text books that's very applicable here.  And
when I say slow, I mean it's 1 "operation" per bit.  (You can do better.)
It's just about as much work as the algorithm described above and works
for all values.  Perfect for a PIC which has adds and subtracts with the
exception that the registers are only 8-bits.

I used it for an IEEE 754 divider in Verilog.  If anyone wants I'll
dig up the references.  It came from a horribly well known book which
I can't remember the title of at the moment.

It'd be really easy for me to replace a $1.50 PIC with a $90 FPGA.. :)


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