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Thread: PIC16F87X In Stock!.
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> Steven Kosmerchock wrote:
> >
> > Friends,
> > Doing a quick search for the availability of "FLASH" PICs at
> > Digi-Key I found that they have these in stock:
> >
> > PIC16F874-04I/P (4MHz Industrial Temp DIP)
> > PIC16F877-04/P  (4MHz DIP)
> I also have:
> PIC16F877-20/P  (20MHz DIP)
> PIC16F877-04/P  ( 4MHz DIP)
> and hope to have PIC16F876-04/P (4MHz DIP) (in about 9 days)

FWIW, I just received two 16F877-20/P's from Future [Active] Electronics.
Ordered two days ago.  They had the PLCC 4MHz parts too.  It's the
876s that you can't come by yet.  Although it looks like Don might have
an early lead. :)


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