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Thread: Need ICD feedback
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To Octavio and Jim:
Thanks guys, you both got some valid points, I agree ICE 2000 price is
ridiculous, especially for a small business man like me. I am a UV pipe
liner ("HI! Quentin!") and are about to step onto Flash with the 16F87x,
thus my query about the ICD. After the blurb by the Microchip rep., I
just wanted to get some 'real' feedback from users before I buy.

I am placing my order on Monday. Thanks.

Jim, RE your side note: I am with you. Sofar, PIC's has been able to
full fill every microprocessor design needs. I am happy with it, and so
are my customers. So I just ignore the PIC/Atmel/Scenix wars.


<3819EFFC.C9AE5669@icon.co.za> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devprogs.htm?key=icd
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