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May I reiterate the fact that 98 is not perfect. I'm also not saying people
who are using 95 and are perfectly happy should rush out and buy 98. I'm
just saying there's no point in getting 95 now. It's like saying the latest
revision of the Scenixs have bugs that are only just coming out so you
should just get the old version where more of the bugs are known. Great idea
in theory, but how are they going to fix the bugs in the new version if no
one uses it. Also, remember 95 will be killed off soon by M$. Win 3.1 now
costs twice as much as Win 95 to stop people buying it. Won't be long before
95 goes off the market too. Oh yeah, and your not buying the original 95
anymore, it's OSR2 always with USB support and half the stuff they had to
release a whole new version (98) to get too work, so don't know it'll be
that much better.

I use 98 at home myself, but only for games and serial port. I will be
moving to NT ASAP cause it's way ahead.

Not many people are going to be living very long if only those who can
advance without problems survive. I don't think there would be many computer
companies around if they stopped making products cause of bugs.

And just to avoid confusion, you are correct that 9x is a long way from bug
free (and it will stay that way), but I pay that price for the features that
go with it.

BTW: The power control issue would have been the switch over from the old to
the new power management standards. Laptops are often problematic (had more
problems in 95 but that's just cause I'm mostly experienced with 95 and
laptops), it's cause they are too proprietary. You really need an OEM
version OS from laptop maker or it's real bad. Very annoying. Had real bad
problems as only accessible OEM copy was on dead laptop harddisk as they
don't give CD's. Yep, laptops will often give you problems. Same deal with
Linux, I've heard of a total of one person running Linux of a laptop and
they were pretty happy with themselves at that.

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