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It seems to be a common misconception that there is actually a difference
between 95 and 98 in some non superficial way. There is not. Win 98 is just
the next in a line of rereleased, more patched 95's (95->95b->95
OSR2->98->98 Second Edition). All 98 is is Win 95, with all the patches
applied and the IE integration by default (which is very nice, and very
similar to what Netscape is planning for sometime down the track, when
someone in the public decides to write it and GIVE it to Netscape (sorry)).
Any bug in 98 would be in 95 if it was configured in the same fashion. The
only difference is that IE5 included pretty much completely revised common
controls which introduced a few install problems. This is why products such
as Office 2000 require IE5.

And to suggest NT has more bugs than 95 is just ridiculous (actually it
does, but not per feature and not nearly as bad). You see many more reports
about bugs in NT cause M$ actually care about NT's future. The only reason
for 9x was to bridge the gap between 16bit DOS and 32bit NT. M$ did not want
to release 98 and really don't want another version. All major development
effort is focused on NT and 32bit apps with 64bit starting to be worked on.
I can't see any reason to choose 98 over 95 apart from liking bugs.

Also, if you want to use any of the new features of the unified WDM
(Window's Driver Model) 98 is even more of a must. For instance,  all USB
support is aimed at 98, there are patches for 95 but these will not recieve
the attention 98's code will. Hence by sticking with 95 you are simply using
a less mature product and ensuring you recieve even less support from M$.

More reliable, yeah right. More secure, not really. I'm not saying 98 is
much better, but it ain't worse I'll tell you that. Are you still using
MPLAB 3.0 as well? I'm sure you don't see nearly as many reports about bugs
in MPLAB 3 as MPLAB 4, so it must be better.

Sorry for the long OT I just get frustrated by the number of people out
there with misconceptions such as this. Oh, and I'm not trying to have a go
at those who have these misconceptions, more those who spread them (and I'm
not referring to Andy here, I'm referring to the magazines and web pages).

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