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Thread: DMX Sender (have I use one or two PICs?)
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On Wed, 27 Oct 1999 15:13:30 -0200 Edson Brusque <brusqueTakeThisOuTspamspamBeGoneFLYNET.COM.BR>
>    Harold,
>    Do you send and receive a DMX packet while doing other things? Using
>USART interrupts? The PIC16C87X have an USART that I think is capable of
>this, but as I'm new to controllers, I haven't the time to try it yet.
>    What do you mean with 'bit banging'?

       Yes, I'm transmitting, receiving, and doing other stuff
simultaneously.  I have a receive buffer in RAM that is continuously
being overwritten by incoming DMX.  I have a transmit buffer that is
continuously being sent out on DMX (by the way, while I use the USART
receive interrupt, I don't use the transmit interrupt because of
difficulty syncing the break with transmitted characters.  Instead, I use
a timer interrupt for transmit of bytes and transmit of break).  Other
stuff (A/D reading pots, printer port communications, etc.) is all done
by non-interrupt code.
       Bit banging is transmitting (and receiving) serial data without
the aid of a USART.  You spend a lot of time doing bit timing and hoping
you sample the line at the right time.  USARTs are nice!


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Subject (change) DMX Sender (have I use one or two PICs?)

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