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Thread: EEPROM or FLASH which is better?
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       Hi, all.
I'm on a proyect to build a small and very dumb controller to drive a stepper
motor, the program just start when one pin go to low state and move the
motor at about 80pps for 10 seconds, that part is O.k. works fine,
but It must work fine at the space for about a week, shuttle nominal
altitude, so the question is: which kind of device to do this is better:

I know that radiation and high enery particles erases most memories but
if the enclosure is good they will need more than a month, may be more to
erase at least 1 bit (I'm talking about EPROM) but I have no idea about
the other kind of memories EEPROM and FLASH.
have someone an idea which will be the difference in this enviroment?
I need to make a decision about the pic to use for that app.
  Leandro J. Laporta (LU2AOQ)
  mail: .....lu2aoqspamEraseMEyahoo.com
  wrk: Arg. Assoc. for Space Technology.
  ham: TCP/IP high speed group HSG


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