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At 12:29 AM 10/25/99 +0200, you wrote:
>        bsf     porta,0
>        bcf     porta,1
>Is there a way i can define names for porta,0 and porta,1 so that in the
>code i can use the names, instead of the pin names? Then if i move something
>around, all i need to do is change the name -> pin assignment and recompile,
>instead of searching all the code for porta,0 etc.

Hi John
you can doit, It is very helpfull to know what are you turning setting or
when writing the code :-).
here is an example:

#define        _txda           PORT_A,1         ;SPI txdata
#define        _rxda           PORT_A,2         ;SPI rxdata
#define        _we             PORT_A,3         ;write enable/1

I usually do it at the begining of the program.

so if you whant to do : BCF PORT_A,1
              just do  BCF _txda
easier isn't it?.

Hope it helps.
see you.
  Leandro J. Laporta (LU2AOQ)
  mail: lu2aoqspam.....yahoo.com
  wrk: Arg. Assoc. for Space Technology.
  ham: TCP/IP high speed group HSG


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/begin.htm?key=mplab
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