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Thread: PIC16F876-04/SP
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You ain't alone, buddy!

I can't get any either.

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From: Peter Keller <@spam@pkellerEraseMEspamEraseMEDATALINK.CH>
Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 6:19 AM
Subject: PIC16F876-04/SP

>I am looking for some (5 - 10) PIC16F876-04 or -20/SP in DIL-Package.
>All distributor I know are sold out.
>Hardware is ready (without any microprocessor) and I have to start
>programming within a few days so I can deliver 5 prototypes until mid
>Any help ?
>Please send me an email privatly.

<004801bf1eed$13754c40$5301010a@6840cck4k019.toastmaster.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=16F
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