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Thread: Code for a user programmable water bath heater?
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Thanks for the welcome. No, I've never seen a collection of"building blocks"
on a web site. TBH I haven't looked that hard and all programs I've come
across have been complete works. Like everyone else I'll look through
listings for useful tips but usually I find the commenting, if any, doesn't
help much or that the style of writing is so far removed from the way I
would have done it that it would have been quicker to figure it out for

I think a collection of building blocks is a good idea. For example a
universal RS232 routine, external RAM interface, dot matrix printer driver,
LCD driver etc. You may sacrifice some speed using a routine that's not
ad hoc in-line code but that's probably not important most of the time. A
block with simple entry conditions that could be dropped into a program
would be useful and easy to implement. If you want any contributions let me

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=code+user+programmable
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