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Thread: Code for a user programmable water bath heater?
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I've designed several small boards using these types of building
blocks. I handled the temperature side with an LM35 into a TLC549
ADC. It's serial so only two wires required, and it's fast, accurate and
cheap. For the LCD display I used anything from 8x1 to 40x4 that had
been stripped out of old cash machines and printers/keyboards. These
were either 4 or 8 bit. On some designs I used a 74HC244 to isolate
the LCD from other peripherals, on others I used a 74HC164 serial to
parallel converter, thus needing only 6 (I think) o/p pins. Many of these
were originally designed for 68HC705C9's or K1's. Some have been
transcribed onto the PIC as I need them, but if you can read either
68705 code or understand the comments in the listings you should at least
be able to follow the logic and write PIC routines to your own taste.

regards, Joe Colquitt (new boy in the group today)

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Subject (change) Code for a user programmable water bath heater?

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