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Thread: Forth system for the PIC?
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I have written Forth for two microcontroller chips, the SX28AC and the
16C73. They work by treating the microcontrollers internal program area like
microcode. External SRAM, serial EEPROM, UART's, and other peripherals are
accessed via a multiplexed data-address buss. Writing it was lots of fun.
I'm in the process of writing code that handles low-level interrupts using
high-level Forth definitions so eventually every subsystem will be available
to the user. So far I hav'nt written a seperate compiler, just the
interpreter-compiler that's standard with any Forth system. I'm working on
it though...

> Hi Keith and Kelly:
> Kelly, I was one of the original four partners in Asyst and responsible
> its Forth-like architecture. It's good to know it had a positive effect on
> you...
> I've personally just started working with a PIC16F877 using the CCS
> and found the experience fun (so far) compared to writing C++/MFC code for
> Windows. I been monitoring some Forth discussions/references and have a
> bookmark to a page that lists several Forth/PIC links:
> http://www.virtuaweb.com/picprog/links.html. I have not really played with
> any of them yet.
> Keith, please also keep me apprised of your Forth on the PIC plans -
> I can help in some way <snip>

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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