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Thread: encoder positioning disks
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If you can live with slots instead of clear plastic then cannabilize a
mouse. There are two little encoder disks in each one. There are also all
the associated optoelectronics. Actually there's a reader/controller in
there too. It's probably easy to figure out what it's doing and the current
requirments are miniscule. If you still want to roll your own Microchip has
an application note on how to use a PIC for a mouse controller which
contains all the subroutines. That can be stripped down to what you need.
Good luck - Keith Causey

> Hello all....
> Where can i  find  encoder positioning disks...really cheap?
> the kind i'm looking for is a clear plastic disk with darkened positioning
> lines ..and a hub that i can set screw to a 1/4 inch shaft?
> any help will be appreciated...and the plans will use  a pic chip
> also..........thx in advance................Tim.

<013301bf1cee$3847ffa0$5921e7d8@bumblefuck> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/sensors.htm?key=encoder
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