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Thread: New Internet Computer ---JOKE---
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"M. Adam Davis" wrote:

> (actually, my favorite joke program for DOS was one which operated on an
> interrupt every second or so, and would cause all the characters on the
> screen to 'fall down' and stack up on the botton of the screen.  Quite
> hilarious, you couldn't get a single thing done...)
Years ago, we had a program called "Washing Machine". As soon as
somebody pressed a key it came up: "System Error! Water detected in hard
drive! Press any key to start spin dry cycle."
Apon which it will say: "Stand by" and start doing the Ascii spinning
line with a noise on the PC speaker sounding like a washing machine
spinning up.

We had a lady at a customers' DTP department who immediately jumped up
and pulled away the plant that was hanging over her monitor when she saw
the "System Error".

Ah, the good old days when PC's were new and everybody newbies
(including me).

For Windows, my favorite is "Bad Day". which will put everything on your
screen upside down.


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