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Thread: Battery powered device (was low Power Comparators--summary of findings)
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At 11:11 20/10/99 +1000, you wrote:
>I gather the Analog Devices MAX666 equivalent would be the ADM666(A?). Any
>particular reason you decided not to use this? I am looking at a data
>aquisition system and was considering adding battery operation. I was
>thinking of using the configuration described in the ADM666A datasheets. In
>this the voltage regulator is connected to both external power and
>rechargable (NiCad in example) battery power. Through it's low voltage
>detects, it is used to automatically trigger trickle charging of the
>rechargable batteries of the power supply when they are low on charge. Due
>to the use of NiCad's it deischarges them through a LED first to prevent

Use the AD device, ask Andy why, as we both have been caught with the
voltage overshoot by the MAX part


>I probably would have tried to use a rechargable cell without memory to
>allow trickle charging during normal mains powered operations. Were there
>any particular problems with the ADM666 that you found? Would they effect
>this application? Is there an easier\cheaper way to do this? Can anyone
>suggest a replacement for the Analog Devices voltage regulator? I live in
>Australia and have found Analog Devices parts very hard to source, which is
>a pity as they have a lot of nice looking products.
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/batterys.htm?key=battery
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Subject (change) Battery powered device (was low Power Comparators--summary of findings)

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