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Thread: Battery powered device (was low Power Comparators--summary of findings)
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I gather the Analog Devices MAX666 equivalent would be the ADM666(A?). Any
particular reason you decided not to use this? I am looking at a data
aquisition system and was considering adding battery operation. I was
thinking of using the configuration described in the ADM666A datasheets. In
this the voltage regulator is connected to both external power and
rechargable (NiCad in example) battery power. Through it's low voltage
detects, it is used to automatically trigger trickle charging of the
rechargable batteries of the power supply when they are low on charge. Due
to the use of NiCad's it deischarges them through a LED first to prevent

I probably would have tried to use a rechargable cell without memory to
allow trickle charging during normal mains powered operations. Were there
any particular problems with the ADM666 that you found? Would they effect
this application? Is there an easier\cheaper way to do this? Can anyone
suggest a replacement for the Analog Devices voltage regulator? I live in
Australia and have found Analog Devices parts very hard to source, which is
a pity as they have a lot of nice looking products.

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Subject (change) Battery powered device (was low Power Comparators--summary of findings)

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