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Thread: Assembler Verses Pbasic
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1.    PBASIC is easier to earn and MUCH faster to get simple things going
Assembler is much more compact and MUCH faster.
PBASIC doesn't handle interrupts as well depending on version.
BASIC tends to look after many of the more horrible aspects of the PIC
architecture and instruction set.

Once you get competent at assembler you will find it more powerful but also
slower to implement than BASIC but BASIC gets increasingly hard to use as
the task gets harder. In particular, for very time sensitive tasks or those
where constancy of time execution in a loop with several paths is needed
BASIC is not really good enough. Even C has this problem at extreme levels
of complexity.

If something is possible at all it's possible in assembler, but sometimes
you'll regret it :-)

Also look at

> I've posted a basic (sorry) html page showing the new compiler if
> anyones interested.
> http://www.picnpoke.com/demo/basic.html
> Demo software is downloadable from the main page.


Don's Download Dungeon:   http://www.dontronics.com/download.html

and the rest of his site - he has a number of PIC basics and simiolar - some
are free, some not.

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it. It tends to annoy them and you may miss a useful  answer.

     Russell McMahon

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   Q.Is there an advantage in writing program code in assembler or is the
complied PBasic code just as good.

   I am currently learning pics and assembly.Should I just be learning
PBasic ?????

   Is there a free or low cost product similar to PBasic that I can use???

   If some one has one and can email it to me I would be very grateful.
Hopefully there is docs with is or available on the net.

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