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Thread: WAV files
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Graham's idea is a good one - and that's exactly how I found out all
I needed to know about 8 bit .wav files.  You may need to find a
book on the subject to get all the details, but a little practical
investigation will go a long way.

Dulio wrote:
> Brent,
> my files are sampled at 16 bits.
> How do this change things ?
> Also, when does the header exactly end and data start ? (I need to
> take a regular WAV file for input and output a regular WAV file to be
> played later).

Graham wrote:
> Duilio, why don't you open a 16 bit *.wav for random binary input
> and examine the data ? try a silent sample and then a low frequency
> sine wave, the results should be fairly apparent.

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