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At 00:39 18/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>BTW, Tony, I really AM curious, are you in the ENGineering department of
>Monash Uni, or the
>ENGlish department? You seem to be good at both, including puns ;-)

Bad, bad boy.
Then of course you are an American, that gives you some bonus credit points
to blow away <G>.
I can spot two (Could consider it one, depending on if you subscriber to
new age English or old age. Not the Thous and Thies and Thiys one) errors
(No harm Tony). My English is not very good at all, but I am trying (My
spelling and sentence constuction is still only equivalent to 7th
grade)(Perhaps in vien, maybe I should stick to my own language, but If I
did that I could not enjoy the PICLIST Dammed if I do Dammed if I don't eh?

Here comes the flames, better watch it or Jory may thow my subscription
into the PIClist grinder <G>.


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