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Thread: Telnet/SMTP/Ethernet, Possible?
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That would be an internal Jetdirect module. We have them in a couple of HP
Lasers. We also have the external Jetdirect boxes. I'm not sure they are
just routing the parallel port over ethernet, but  might actually using a
printer specific protocol. But I could be wrong. The reason I would suggest
it's not generic is as Richard says, you configure the method of Print
serving, such as queue based (it polls a Novell server for jobs). You must
also set the print language used by the printer but this might just be for
test\configuration pages. Either way, if you can get your device to act as a
generic printer byou should be fine, but I wouldn't be surprised if you
couldn't find protocol docs as this is all done by the JetDirect software,
it handles mapping an IP address (or NetBEUI or IPX) to a printer port.

I would suggest a router with a SLIP port mioght be a better bet as this is
a common method of internet connectivity. You should be able to pick up an
old BNC router with slip pretty cheaply. Alternatively, AUI uses a 15 (I
think) pin DB style connector but I have no idea as to what protocol it
uses. But, AUI->BNC\RJ-45 (and vice versa) transcievers were quite common
(harder to find now and often quite expensive new) so you could prob. pick
one up cheap.

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> I don't know how easy you could make a JetDirect work like that.
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