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Thread: [PETROCHEMICAL][FLUFF][NONPIC]From Engine to Caboose, What's in the train?
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I hope that your justice system is NEVER NEVER NEVER like yours!
Here we have crossing laws that indicate it is the vehicle drivers
responsibility to ensure that there are no oncomming trains during or at
any time of a corssing attempt. Now this becomes a little more complex when
CTCSS is added, in that the Rail Ways now take responsibility for the
corssing (Corssings with lights) in that this is treated the same as a red
traffic light. If is is not active at the time of the accident, then
negligence can be claimed against the RR. Gets very messy. Did you know
that most train drivers will make some 500000 RR crossing during their
carrier? And that you would even know the name of a dirver unless they have
been involved in an incident. (Yes Yes I know more usless trivia
information from Dennis)


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Subject (change) [PETROCHEMICAL][FLUFF][NONPIC]From Engine to Caboose, What's in the train?

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