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Thread: [PETROCHEMICAL]Train Rockets
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At 21:10 13/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>At 09:11 AM 10/14/99 +1000, you wrote:
>Well, I didn't mean that we would stop SO quickly as to propel the crew
>through bulkheads! I was thinking that there is now a maximum of about 1G
>of breaking power (due to relying on friction). With the rocket, you could
>achieve 5G without injury to people (provided they braced themselves).

5G eh That aint no tinny rocket in my book do the sums for a typical train
of 30 carrages each with 30 000Kg and an engine of 150 000 (Not a small
one) Kg hooning along at 60Kph. Total curb mass of 1,050,000 Kg slightly
more than a moonshot <VBG> (Not much in fact if I recall from my jet days
600 000 for a Saturn 2, may be wrong some one will know). An ICBM is a
solif fuel rocket and quite large to lift a payload of 5000Kg, OK so it
goes a bit faster, just attempting to get a grip on size. Also I think that
it is a bit hard to control the burn of a soild fuel rocket, all or
nothing, so a nice jolty shock.

Well WAY OT but fun!

PS Note that the name is not 400 characters long. I must practice my
english as much as possible, so sorry for it I seem to ramble on and on and
on. I think that I have mastered 10 000 of the 830 000 words including the
double meanings like:-

The difference between Bad and Not Good
The way that NOT does not always negate a sentance and how it can be loaced
at the end eg. Why not, When not, If not, Because not
The way the so many words sound the same but as spelt differntly:-
Not, Knot. Which witch is which. Weather, whether. There, thier. Its' it's
And that great one of when letters for differnt sounds than you would think:-
gh == f etc..

Wow, tough!


>Also, Mark's idea sounds good: distribute the rockets to make the force
>more even.

Noting like frying the homeless people on the side of the track, or buring
the people to a crisp waiting at the RR crossing <G>

>I can see many problems with it, too (mostly financial and things like
>"When do I push the emergency rocket button?"<G>) BUT, I just always
>wondered why I had never seen it suggested at all. Surprising, considering
>all the other wacko ideas that get tossed around.

I think that it was at the last Christmas party (Woops religoious) <ROFL>


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