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>> May I offer an idea?
>> I think, from what I understand, that compressed air is distributed to all
>> the cars.  Couldn't each car have an air tank that stores the compressed
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Not quite true, there is a manual brake handle that can be used to lock or
unlock them (But that is trivial) You are quire correct in that the system
operates as a pressurised loop air (Was steam, but did not work well, as
most steam engines only have 120PSI (Some of the French ones got up to
around the 160 mark). If I recall the pressure is around 180psi in the
Westinghouse system

>(Thought of using said air pressure to power up a PIC, on connection of
>the car to the train;  unsure if the system has capacity for enough
>pressure/volume to do this.  Are we getting well off into fluff-land,

Yes there would be more than enough air to run a small turbine to power a
PIC. Some RR cars have reserve tanks so that there is no large pressure
change when brake are applied that would cause a shoke wave to run down the
train and blow apart the couplings (I think that it is correct).



>  Mark


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