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Hello all,
Many people have expressed interest in Sinate-Esta PCB. As I indicate
Hewlet Packard are just starting on this product. No it is *not* for home
use, just as is mulit layer PCB or PCB on glass, or even PCB on ceramic,
and to top that off PCB on teflon etc <G>.
I will dig up this and post it to those whom desire more information, so
ask privetly (currently this prduct is etched, but experiments have taken
place where the tracks are activated by exposing the product to a given
light source etc = no echant (This is the hope anyway), then cured, as this
is a film, it can be layered to form a multy layer PCB, flexable
connections etc)
I must stress that this is *new* *VERY NEW* technology, but I did find it
very interesting



See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=echant
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